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With our first BRAX amplifiers, the X2000 & X2400, we set a milestone in the history of high-end car audio. Now, the brand new successors BRAX GX2000 and BRAX GX2400 ignite an exciting new era of audiophile innovation. Both amplifiers combine elegant, puristic design with state-of-the-art Class AB technology.


This generation comes without any crossovers and filter functions. The sophisticated layout of the circuit board combined with short signal paths and handpicked components “made in Germany” ensure a pristine listening experience and underline the puristic design as well as the high-end philosophy of the amplifiers and the most discerning of audiophiles.


To achieve our high quality requirements, we only use hand-selected transistors for the production of each GX-amplifier in order to avoid even the smallest power variations, in turn, we can eliminate the need for manufacturing tolerances, perfection is the only tolerance accepted. The transistors are subject to placement in more than 300 categories; this is possible because of in-house developed measuring equipment, it really is that important to us!


In addition, the solid terminals that are gold-plated will accommodate cables up to 50mm², as well as a separate terminal for connecting a BRAX IPC Capacitor directly to the switching transistors. Put simply, the GX2000 and GX2400 can only described as truly high-end amplifiers, for precise and natural sound reproduction.


Each amplifier is available in black or silver finish, either with a short or extended heatsink.


Start-Stop capability

The switched power supply of the HELIX C FOUR assures operation even if the battery’s voltage drops down to 6 Volts during engine crank.


High-Resolution audio

The extremely broadband audio bandwidth of the amplifier ensures a lossless audio reproduction of High-Resolution audio content to provide the best possible sound in studio quality.


Technical data

Output power RMS  ≤ 1% THD+N 
- @ 4 Ohms4 x 150 Watts
- @ 2 Ohms4 x 220 Watts
- @ 1 Ohm
- bridged @ 4 Ohms2 x 440 Watts
- bridged @ 2 Ohms
Max. output power per channel*Up to 250 Watts RMS @ 2 Ohms
Amplifier technologyClass AB
Inputs4 x RCA / Cinch
1 x Remote In
Optional via HDM 2 module:
2 x Optical SPDIF (28 - 96 kHz)
Input sensitivityRCA / Cinch 1 - 8 Volts
Input impedance RCA / Cinch7.5 kOhms
Input impedance highlevel
Outputs4 x Speaker output
Output voltage RCA / Cinch
Signal converter for digital input
Frequency response10 Hz - 80,000 Hz
Bass boost-  
Highpass15 Hz - 4,000 Hz adjustable
Lowpass15 Hz - 4,000 Hz adjustable
Bandpass15 Hz - 4,000 Hz adjustable
Slope high- / lowpass12 dB/Oct.
Slope subsonic / lowpass
Signal-to-noise ratio digital input
Signal-to-noise ratio analog input112 dB (A-weighted)
Distortion (THD)< 0.007 %
Damping factor> 1000
Operating voltage9 - 16 Volts  (max. 5 sec. down to 6 Volts)
Idle current2400 mA
Fuse3 x 30 A LP-Mini-fuse (APS)
Additional featuresActive, adjustable crossover, HDM slot, input mode switch, High-Resolution audio, Start-Stop capability
Dimensions (H x W x D)37.1 x 430 x 240 mm /
1.46 x 16.93 x 9.45"

Brax GX2000

SKU: 364215376135199
    • Low internal resistance due to solid gold-plated terminals for power cables up to 50 mm²/ gauge 1 and speaker cables up to 6 mm²/ gauge 6
    • Separate terminal to connect a BRAX IPC directly to the switching transistors
    • Signal inputs with high-end signal capacitors for a perfect and pure sound quality
    • Each amplifier is available in black or silver finish either with a short or extended heatsink
    • Especially developed transformers with high-efficient core materials guarantee a total output power of more than 1,000 Watts
    • Solid heatsink made of special aluminium alloy for a perfect cooling of the transistors in the power supply and output stage
    • 32 hand-selected high-end MOSFET transistors for brilliant sound
    • The level controls for the input sensitivity adjustment are placed under the name plate, thus the amplifier has a clean and puristic design
    • Adjustment range 1.0 V to 8.0 V
    • Handcrafted in Germany
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