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Enhanced sound and connectivity at a touch

Enjoy smooth and simple control for every journey. An anti-glare 17.6cm (6.95") diagonal capacitive touchscreen and updated interface design give you intuitive control over music, communications and more. Expanded wireless connectivity, plus time-alignment and a 14-band EQ, allow for even more personlization and the perfect in-car audio experience.


Bezel-less anti-glare capacitive touchscreen

Bring up maps, sort through playlists and make phone calls - all from a smooth, bezel-less display that integrates seamlessly with your dashboard. The sleek 17.6cm (6.95") capacitive touchscreen and clean interface design ensure a stylish and efficient user experience.


HDMI connectivity

HDMI connectivity allows you to hook up an external audio and visual source device, for viewing while parked.


Wireless smartphone conversion

Thanks to a Wi-Fi connection to your smartphone, together with the supplied GPS antenna, you can use voice control to navigate, communicate and play music on the road even with your device in your pocket.


LDAC for exceptional sound quality

Enjoy the convenience of Bluetooth® wireless audio and exceptional sound quality thanks to LDAC. Connect compatible devices to stream audio at 96 kHz / 24-bit sampling with bitrates up to 3x higher (990 kbps) than conventional Bluetooth®.7


Sound customization

The built-in DSP offers sound processing and time alignment - down to a remarkable 1cm for each of the 5 addressable channels (4 speakers + subwoofer via pre-out). A 14-band EQ lets you adjust the overall sound to your music or taste. Together with the 3-zone crossover, you can dial in the perfect match of front, rear and subwoofers.


iDatalink Maestro Compatible

iDatalink® Maestro® connects your vehicle’s onboard computer with car audio, making it work as a customized display for your car’s factory-equipped functions and features. It provides a seamless interface with factory infotainment and vehicle information such as air conditioning, performance and safety. Simply connect an iDatalink® Maestro® RR / RR2 by Automotive Data Solutions. It's a new way to connect car audio to your vehicle while retaining and improving the functions of the original equipment. iDatalink Maestro RR / RR2 SOLD SEPARATELY.

Sony XAV-AX6000

SKU: 364115376135191
$699.99 Regular Price
$599.99Sale Price
    • 6.95” (17.6 cm) Wireless CarPlay/ Android Auto Media Receiver
    • Bezel-less capacitive touchscreen for a seamless display
    • LDAC™ allows wireless streaming of High-Resolution Audio with exceptional quality
    • HDMI input for an external source device
    • Build your own system with 5-V 3-preout
    • Time alignment and 14-band EQ for pitch-perfect sound customization


    • USB Type-C® for compatible smartphone
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